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The Benefits of Cannabis Tissue Culture

cannabis tissue culture laboratory setting, Maine.

Cannabis tissue culture is a method of plant propagation that involves growing plants in a sterile laboratory environment from small tissue samples, rather than planting seeds or using traditional plant cuttings. While tissue culture has been used in the horticultural industry for decades, it is now being embraced by the cannabis industry as a way […]

SBF Spring Clone Drop Event

Days Hours Minutes Seconds This event is live! Please come to Sticky Bud Farms at: 815 Roosevelt Trail Suite #3, Windham, ME 04062 For questions, please text us at 1.207.672.2887 When: May 15th Where: Sticky Bud Farms: 815 Roosevelt Trail Suite #3, Windham, ME 04062 This spring, we will be posting up at the Sticky […]

Peat Moss VS Coco Coir


in this post we cover the difference of Coco Coir or coconut fiber, their benefits and differences.

Maine Caregivers Laws


Maine Caregiver Laws are as follows (Updated 6.13.207) and will be updated again after the public hearing in Augusta on the 15th. Almost 3,000 Maine Care Givers are presently in business in Maine, up from around 750 in 2011. A Maine Licensed primary caregiver may assist a medical marijuana patient with the use of marijuana […]

Plant Sex Test

Ever sprout seeds, then wonder if they are female or not? Now you don’t have to wait OR guess. With Phylos Boi Technology you can get a scientific analysis of your sprouts and can determine without a doubt if your newly sprouted seeds are Male/Female. Check out the website here: http://www.phylosbioscience.com/rapid-cannabis-sexing/