We try to manage back orders, so you can order right away, instead of periodically checking in for the strain you want, making it easier for you to order.

If a particular strain is on back order, you can expect to wait anywhere from 3-12 days before we can deliver/ship to you. This means there are more clones being propagated. We ask if you cannot be patent, then please DO NOT order. If you placed an order, we will not forget about you! Just be patient.

Yes we do. We make weekly trips to Southern Maine for deliveries. Once you have placed your order, setting up a delivery is easy. Just select what delivery day you would like and what location you would like to meet at. Door to door delivery is also available by request but may include an additional charge.

Yes, we can ship hemp and low THC clones. Per the bulletin released by USPS found here:

USPS Mailing Bulletin

Marijuana/Hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are considered hemp and are able to be shipped.

We DO NOT ship any type of THC products or flowers. Flower samples are reserved for local Maine residence with a valid medical card.

We offer 3 distinct choices for clone delivery. 1: Local Pickup at Lake Smoke Farms in Machias. See map here. 2: Personal delivery. We will arrange a time and place to meet and deliver your clones by hand, in person. 3: Postal shipment. In some cases, customers cannot get to LSF in Machias or are outside of our delivery area, postal shipping is used. Details of shipping policies are located in the FAQ below. Please note Cannabis Clones available in Maine only.

No. We can “gift” you clones and no medical card is needed.

The laws in the state of Maine allow each resident 6 budding Cannabis Plants, 12 female plants taller than 14 inches and an infinite number of clones and seedlings. So, the choice is yours. You can have as many Clones in Maine as you’d like, but please respect the laws. We do not condone growing more than the legal limit.

The short answer is, yes we do. Although we try to keep a stock that is appealing to everyone, we like to offer rare and hard to find genetics. Unfortunately, these rare genetics come with a price.

If the exotic line up is not in your budget, we suggest you take a look at out common strains, which range from $15-30.00.

Yes. We will guarantee all shipped clones, 100% As a matter of fact, we have multiple guarantees in place to protect you.

Shipping Guarantee: Covers any shipped clones for damage.

21 Day Replacement Guarantee: If you find anything wrong with your clones what so ever, we will replace them. We take great pride in our products and don’t anticipate you having issues but we have this guarantee in place just in case.