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  Aeroponics revolutionizes the cultivation of cannabis by providing a highly efficient and controlled environment for optimal growth. In this method, cannabis plants are suspended in the air, with their roots exposed and periodically misted with a nutrient-rich solution. This innovative approach offers several advantages specifically tailored to the needs of cannabis cultivation. First and […]

Backcross (BX)

A backcross is a hybrid plant that has been bred with one of its parents (or a plant that is genetically similar) in order to create offspring that is closer to that of the original parent. For example, a grower could breed a plant with its own father to make sure the baby has its […]


This is a breeding practice in which hybrids are crossed with one of their parents in order to try to stabilize chosen traits to discover a unique genotype.


A plant that flowers automatically when it reaches a certain size regardless of photoperiod. Breeders created these types of strains using Cannabis Ruderalis genetics from higher altitudes with short flowering seasons.