First Access to Our Newest Genetics!

Members get first refusal of newly aqured genetics. We will announce them within the members portal before releasing them on our website or social media  pages.

Heads Up! We are completely booked, we will be accepting more members when our facility is complete early this spring!


Harvest Sync™

Want to turn over an extra harvest or two per year? This is where harvest sync and the membership program come into play!

We get in sync with your harvest schedule to have your next round of teen sized clones delivered as soon as your last harvest is complete, saving you some serious time andhassle! Simply outsource your propagation.


Skip the line! First Access To Tissue Culture Clones!

Once we have TC stock, all members will be notified ahead of the public and get first refusal to the available clones.


Become Part of a Community!

With our membership platform, you are able to communicate with our other members in group chats as well as private messaging. (you can remain private if you choose) Share tips, strain specifics and network among each-other.

$20 Clones!

Our members get clones at the lowest possible price, no matter the strain or public pricing, you get clones for a flat $20 each.

Exclusive Genetics

We have some special genetics that will be offered to members only, like Mac1 & Triangle Kush. A complimentary cut of each upon signup for each member. We will constantly be adding new genetics to this list.

Don't Wait Around!

We have limited our membership to a 25 members only! To ensure we can provide the most robust membership program possible and can give each member adequate attention, we have capped the number of members.

24 of 25 Spots Filled!

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All membership donations are due annually.

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