Below is a list of Companies, Products and Brands we use and believe highly in:
If you have any questions about any of these brands, just holler! We can give you our un-biased opinion.


Flora Flex: Provides the highest quality supplies for successful cultivation. Flora Flex takes the guesswork out of feeding and can take control of your grow set-up with innovative & user friendly product lines.

Veg+Bloom: A all in one powder nutrient. You don’t need more than one solution.VEG+BLOOM is combined into one rather than separate. No more are the days of guessing how many different types of Advanced Nutrient to create  a healthy diet for your plants. Hell, we use the stuff to feed our clones!powerbox-light-controller

POWERBOX: Manufacturers of the Highest-Quality Hydroponics Lighting Controllers, Timers, Flipboxes, Ballasts and Reflectors.

Current Culture: Under Current® system was specifically designed to deliver prolific yields. As well as quality and increased efficiency to produce the best cannabis possible.

CloneX: The ultimate rooting compound! Relied on by many professional and amateur growers around the world. We use CloneX with nearly %100 successful propagation.Fluence Bioengeneering Grow Lights

Fluence Bioengineering: LED-based lighting systems designed to provide high levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR Output) ideal for any commercial cannabis cultivation applications.. Optimize your plants growth and increase yields, while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs.grassroots-fabric-pots

Grass Roots Fabric Pots: Grow bigger and better plants with breathable fabric pots for traditional soil or hydroponics, made 100% in the USA and sold direct from their facility in California.