Text “Strains” to 207.598.8681 for our updated strain list. Or Click here to text us! (Mobile Only) New strains being added daily.

We want to be completely transparent and teach you how we take our clones.

1) From the initial cut we place the clone in a cup of straight H20 for 4-6 hours. This allows the plant to intake as much water as possible and create a stress free transition from being connected to a root system.

2) The cutting is ready to be put in our EzCloner we dip the top half of the cutting in Regalia, and the stem in Elite 91 Professional Rooting Compound, then place in the cloner.

3) After our cuts are secure in the cloner, we nurture them until bright white roots are shooting from multiple places in the stem. We achieve optimal growth by using Elite 91 nutrient in our cloners and foliage feeding with Veg+Bloom shine.

4) Once the cuttings are fully rooted we dip the root ball in Elite 91 Myco to ensure the transplant transition goes smoothly.

From here, we are ready to transplant into your preferred medium. And then added to our websites stock and ready for adoption. For Medium we have:

Coco Grow

Coast Of Maine – Organic soil – Peat Based (Barharbor Blend)

Rock wool Croutons

ProMix Soiless Mix with MH