Black Lime Reserve



Black Lime Reserve, AKA Black Lime, is an indica dominant hybrid created through crossing the classic Northern Lights X Purple Kush X Chemdawg Special Reserve genetics. This super potent strain won 2nd place in the overall category High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2014, and for good reason! With THC% that bottoms out around 19% and full-bodied effects, Black Lime Reserve is one strain for the ages. The Black Lime Reserve euphoric high starts with an uplifted onset which will boost your mood and leaves with a feeling relaxation and happy with a slight tingly effect. Because of its high THC and powerful effects, Black Lime Reserve is great for treating daily users suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, depression, and headaches, or similar.

Genetics: Northern Lights x Purple Kush x Woodman Canyon Oil Can x Lime Afghani x Chemdawg Special Reserve

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