Chimera #2 BeLeaf Cut cannabis clones for sale Maine, newyork, california.

Chimera #2 (BeLeaf Cut)


Chimera #3 is reserved for our elite growers only. Other companies, including BeLeaf are charging up to $10k for this cut.

1 per customer!

Lineage: White Truffle x THE CREATURE

Flowering Time: 60+

Varietal type: Hybrid

Gender: Regular
Yield: High
Height: Medium

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor


This spectacular plant, a combination of White Truffle and THE CREATURE, meets all the criteria for an exceptional plant. It has a harvest weight of 3 per light and the buds are covered in an extreme amount of trichomes. The terpenes are particularly impressive, with notes of Butterscotch, Caramel, Port Wine and Orange Tic Tacs. These flavors come through in the smoke, which is rich, creamy, and tastes like a combination of creme brulee, flan, and custard. It’s a delightful experience to grow, with large colas that need extra support. The plant finishes in 70 days, yielding 4% fresh frozen.