Grape Sorbet

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Lineage:  Blue Satellite and Cinderella 99

Grape Sorbet is a 65/35 Sativa dominant hybrid by Dutchgrown Seeds.

Growing: Grape Sorbet is a moderately tricky strain to flower and is not the best strain for a beginning cultivator. However, the product of this strain is well worth the challenge!

Type Of High: Grape Sorbet induces an uplifting and cerebral type euphoria, followed by full body and mind relaxation. Uplifts your mood, energizes your mind, prompts giggles + chattiness. It a great strain to relieve stress and eye pressure, provides good pain control and boosts appetite.

Grape Sorbet tastes just as good as it sounds and has a very pleasant high, which is perfect for a morning or afternoon smoke. Its average THC content is around 16 percent to 19 percent THC and provides a reasonably robust experience.



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