Grapes & Cream (Phinest Cut)

Aka;Grape Delight with Cream
THC 29%
CBD 1%
Grape Pie X Cookies & Cream

Price is for a single clone. Any additional cuts of the same strain are only $30.00ea

Grape Pie X Cookies & Cream

“Creamy Grape Delight,” alternatively referred to as “Grape Delight with Cream,” is a hybrid cannabis variety created through the fusion of Grape Pie and Cookies and Cream strains. This fusion yields a tranquilizing strain that has won the hearts of many marijuana enthusiasts. When consumed, Creamy Grape Delight induces imaginative effects that invigorate the mind while bestowing a sense of relaxation and preparing the body for restful slumber. It is optimally suited for use during the later hours of the afternoon or evening, making it a perfect companion for tasks that demand creative thought. The flavor of Creamy Grape Delight is characterized by a pronounced grape taste, complemented by unexpected hints of pear and vanilla. Myrcene is the most abundant terpene present in this strain, with pinene and ocimene following closely behind. Cultivators report that Creamy Grape Delight matures into compact buds with an extraordinary frosty appearance. The identity of the original creator of this strain remains a mystery. Varieties that share similarities with Creamy Grape Delight include Bruce Banner, Citrus Farmer, Carl Sagan, and T-1000.


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