Praying Mantis Seeds

Praying Mantis, is a beautiful cross of Mr. E x Prayer Tower. Mr. E is a special, decade old standout clone from the well known Eastcoasterdam. It was gifted to Mass Medical Strains to bring to the world, in seed form. After working with the genetics, they fell in love! After introducing the Prayer Tower Sativa male #9 they were able breed an increase in vigor, while allowing the special Mr. E to fully express herself in the flower traits. A large % of Praying Mantis phenotypes will greatly resemble Mr. E, with a similar smell and flower. Some phenos carry a bit more creaminess, from the Prayer Tower. The incredibly branchy structure passes on but with longer node spacing, so she will easily keep up with other quick vegging genetics. In a nit shell, this cross created a very high yield, fantastic resin, and a nearly indescribable flavor. Sweet, delicious. Extreme potency! As with all Mass Medical Strains genetics, we recommend growing organically!

Type: Indica

Lineage: Mr. E x Prayer Tower

Flavor: Melon/Cantaloupe Gas, Sweet Fruity, Classic

Effect: High, Balanced, Happy. Smiles, Laughter and Creativity flow.

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Height: Medium

Thc: 31%

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