Star Pupil – Mass Medical


Star Pupil from Mass Medical Strains is a 50/50 hybrid created from the cross of Purple Thai and Afghani and is proclaimed Mass Medical’s “Most Famous Strain” Star Pupil develops a very unique, colorful and exotic foliage, steeped in purple hues with a modest dusting of resin. This strain’s aroma is a complex melange of skunk, deep grape, and floral perfume that transforms into a clean yet thick flavor. It has an approximate 9-week flowering time and gains colorful bag appeal as the plant matures. As with any Mass Medical Gear.. Star Pupil produces real medicine, with amazing healing ability. Sufferers of chronic pain, muscle cramps, mood and emotional distress, anxiety and depression will benefit immensely.

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Lineage: Purple Thai x Afghani/Pakistani

Flower Time: 9 Weeks

Seed Count: 6 – Feminized

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